Cherry Massage
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Cherry Massage

How do I book?  To book, you simply need to call our switchboard, or to use the booking form on the contact & map page. For hotel bookings, please tell us your hotel phone number, room number and surname - we will ring you straight back.

What are you apartments like?  We only have single-person apartments in well-appointed blocks, every visit to us is a peaceful, private experience.
What is a visit to Cherry like?  When you arrive, you will be greeted by your chosen Asian masseuse, and as you prepare for your massage, the two of you will discuss what massage you want today. How do you want your masseuse to work her magic: just with her oiled, slippery hands, or do you want a full-body massage? With a full-body massage, the masseuse will undress, and using the full-length presses of her fully oiled body, she will ease your stresses, stimulate your senses and reinvigorate your spirit.
What is a VIP massage?  If you’re curious, please mention you are interested when you speak to our switchboard, and they can tell you everything! If you are choosing a VIP service, please tell us when you book, so we can make preparations …
What is outcall like?  A visit from Cherry is very like a visit to Cherry, save that your massage occurs in the privacy of your hotel room or home. Our girls will arrive conservatively dressed (unless you ask for something more exciting). After they arrive, it will be like you are in one of our apartments. Enjoy!  


Cherry Massage